Easy Place Mode

Litematica, a widely-used Minecraft mod, introduces innovative features to enhance the building experience. Among its various capabilities, Easy Place Mode stands out as a valuable tool, streamlining the construction process for builders. In this article, we aim to shed light on the true nature of Easy Place Mode, dispelling misunderstandings and providing a clear understanding of its functionalities.

Note: This article aims to clarify misconceptions surrounding Litematica’s Easy Place Mode, offering insights into its functionalities and limitations for the benefit of users and administrators.

Understanding Litematica

Before delving into Easy Place Mode, let’s briefly review what Litematica is. Litematica is a mod that generates holographic images of saved schematics, facilitating precise placement of blocks during construction. It serves as a powerful aid for builders, allowing them to visualize their creations and execute intricate designs with accuracy.

Easy Place Mode: Demystifying the Concept

Easy Place Mode is a specific setting within Litematica designed to streamline the block placement process. When enabled, users can effortlessly right-click on a schematic block, and the corresponding block will be placed directly into their hand and subsequently onto the construction site. This eliminates the need to manually transfer the block from the inventory to the hotbar, saving valuable time, especially in large-scale builds where hundreds or thousands of placements are required.

What Easy Place Mode Is NOT

  1. Automatic Block Placement: Contrary to misconceptions, Easy Place Mode does not automatically place blocks. Users retain full control over the placement, preventing any unintended or automated actions.
  2. Block Alignment and Positioning: Easy Place Mode does not alter the alignment or positioning of blocks. Users are responsible for ensuring the correct orientation of each block in the build.
  3. Interaction with Shulker Boxes: This feature does not interact with shulker boxes, meaning users need to manually retrieve required blocks from these containers.
  4. Benefits Beyond Building: Easy Place Mode is purpose-built for construction tasks and offers no advantages in areas such as PvP or base exploration. Its functionality is confined to the building environment.

Unique Feature: Placing Blocks Against Air

One notable capability of Easy Place Mode is the ability to place blocks directly against air. While this is impossible in vanilla Minecraft, it’s crucial to note that some servers may have specific rules against this practice. Users should be mindful of server guidelines to ensure compliance.

Limitations and Server Rules

It’s important to acknowledge that, despite its convenience, Easy Place Mode doesn’t introduce functionalities that a vanilla client couldn’t achieve with more time and effort. Some servers may employ anti-cheat plugins to disable specific aspects of the mod, so users should familiarize themselves with server rules to avoid any potential violations.


In conclusion, Litematica’s Easy Place Mode is a powerful tool for builders, simplifying the construction process without compromising the player’s control. By understanding its capabilities and limitations, users can leverage this feature effectively while ensuring adherence to server rules and guidelines.

Happy building with Litematica’s Easy Place Mode!